Afternight - *PVE* - MaturePlayers - CustomBuildings - KeepYourBaseUponMapReset - *GBL*

Server address and port:

Our CURRENT password for the server can be found
on our Facebook page in the pinned post (link to page is below)


Unique Properties of this server

  • Everyone joining the server gets 'The Hammer of Thor' in their beltpack to gather resources at accelerated speeds YOUTUBE LINK HERE .
  • We are hosting a very ambitious 16K map (8 times the size of default)
    .....You may download a hi res image of it here:
  • It's running on hardware which has been updated:
    .....The older machine had 4 cores, 8 Logical Processors and 18 gigs of ram.
    .....The new machine has 12 cores, 24 Logical Processors and 144 gigs of ram. (That's not a type-o)
  • Because of the upgraded hardware, drop mining is not illegal on this server. High calculations and events requiring more ram
    do not freeze the server. We have done extensive tests with over 1000 zombies. The server did not crash.
  • We have imported over 1000 non-vanilla buildings and homes. It does not look like a typical 7D2D landscape. It's like playing on an entirely different map.
  • There is an expanded backpack along with an altered HUD which allows you to easily see food and water levels.
  • It's running the Home Depot mod which allows players to create items which players cannot craft in the vanilla game
  • Because of the size of the map, players who want to be nomads, can be. Others who want to work in groups can build a community.
  • We have teleports in game. All commands can be found by typing /chat while in the game
  • None of these mods are ones you need to download. They are all server side mods
  • We do have a discord channel. Type/discord in chat while in game to get the link
  • 24 hours in game = 1 full hour in real life. Nighttime is from 22:00 till 2:00 and set every single 7 days.
  • Loot respawn is every 7 game days and is at 150%
  • Drop on Death is Toolbelt only
  • ServerMaxAllowedViewDistance is set at the maximum of 12. This uses up more server ram, but as you can see, with 144 gigs of it, we have plenty.
  • Challenging zombies are turned up well above recommended settings.
  • Home teleportation system.
  • Older players - no drama.
  • Active Admins.
  • Go to Welcome Center by typing /afternight in chat for safety and free items.
  • Contests and challenges of Admin created Labyrinth or catacombs with Admin quality prizes.
  • On Weekdays between 5am CST Monday - 5pmC ST on Friday you earn 500% EXP. Other times you will earn 200% Exp. This is an awesome perk

Our active FACEBOOK group where you can get the password in the PINNED POST:

Special files including special commands can be found here:


Here are some recorded videos of a few of us playing on our server.

Active picture archive HERE

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