Afternight - *PVE* - MaturePlayers - CustomBuildings - KeepYourBaseUponMapReset - *GBL*

Server address and port:


Unique Properties of this server

  • Everyone joining the server gets 'The Hammer of Thor' in their beltpack to gather resources at accelerated speeds YOUTUBE LINK HERE .
  • 1000+ custom buildings.
  • Challenging zombies are turned up above recommended settings.
  • Home teleportation system.
  • Older players - no drama.
  • Active Admins.
  • Go to Welcome Center by typing /afternight in chat for safety and free items.
  • Contests and challenges of Admin created Labyrinth or catacombs with Admin quality prizes.
  • You can import your base from another server: YOUTUBE LINK HERE
  • Cash prizes!!!! >-not
  • Player killers get auto-jailed and reviewed for global ban list
  • Option for players to use automatic repairs on bases. YOUTUBE LINK HERE
  • Online interactive map (below) shows all explored areas in real time along with Other Players, Zombies, Care Packages & Animals.
  • Zeds run from 10:00PM - 2:00AM.
  • Players get to save their bases and move them to the new map.

Our active FACEBOOK group:

Special files including special commands can be found here:


Live (Right now) Interactive Map Of Server Is Below. You will need to sign into your steam account from that page to view it

Here are some recorded videos of a few of us playing on our server.

Active picture archive HERE

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